Who else would like to lose 6 to 10 pounds and a couple of jean sizes in the next couple of weeks?

This is a 14 day training and nutrition program thats relatively intense. Your going to work hard for 2 weeks BUT, your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program. The entire program lasts 14 days and results are amazing.

14 Day Fat Furnace


$67 - 14 Days

  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Bodyshock Training Program
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

If you have been looking for a great way to kick start your weight loss program, there has never been a better time than NOW! Bodyshock Training is offering a 14-Day Fat Furnace Program is designed to take the guesswork out of losing weight and getting in shape. From a 14 day meal plan and up to 10 fat blasting workouts, this is a FAIL PROOF system. You will lose weight, tone up and look and feel incredible in just 14 days! In order to provide the level of attention to each participant to insure maximum results, we are limiting this program to 10 participants. Insure your spot.

    14 Day Fat Furnace Includes

  • Done for you kick start Nutrition guide
  • Grocery list
  • Nutrition tips and guidance
  • Pre and post measurements
  • Easy to follow nutrition plan.

For Only $67

Here's What You Can Expect In 14 Days

  • 3-5% Drop in bodyfat
  • 5-15 Pounds Of weight loss
  • Flatter stomach
  • Improvement in strength and performance
  • 100% Gain in self-confidence


Cascade Elite Gymnastics 6:00AM

You Will Also Recieve Our 3 Day Detox Plan To Kick Start Your Metabolism

This 3-day detox diet menu

 is simple, easy and sure to work, because you have plenty of choices, delicious food, and all the nutrients you need to cleanse and heal. Give it a shot. Can you exclude caffeine, dairy, and processed foods for just three days? You’ll never know unless you try this easy-to-follow 3-day detox diet plan right now. Our three-day detox can be a great way to kick off a new season, or to cleanse after heavy eating times like holidays and family reunions . Detox and cleanse the mind and body to reach new heights.

The program is simple in it’s brilliance! Here are some of the details about the program.

You’ll come workout with me 3 to 5 times per week for two weeks and eat the foods I have outlined for you in the program. Its simple actually and probably the easier nutrition program I have created – Just read it and eat it and the results will come. You will experience some soreness in your muscles. Nothing too bad, but deffinitely some soreness letting you know you had an awesome workout.

The nutrition program that I’ll be giving you will not be starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help you burn maximum fat and retain muscle tone during the 14 days.